Modular solutions

Our aim is to guide you as a business, providing practical support which factors in the reality of commercial constraints alongside the need for change, as your business transitions to a sustainable future.

Ambition and Principles

  • What is your purpose?
  • How far do you wish to go?
  • How will you make decisions?

Operational Impact

  • Supply Chain
  • Circular Economy
  • Assessment of Current State

Objectives, Goals, and Measures

  • Long-term aims
  • Short-, mid-term milestones
  • External measures
  • Functional level measures

Positioning and Comms

  • How to Communicate
  • Claims/Greenwashing
  • Brand Integration

Education & Capability Building

  • Process driven
  • Sustainability Foundation Workshop
  • Circular Economy Workshop
  • Sustainability Mentoring

Carbon Footprint

  • Measure Scope 1 & 2 Emissions
  • Measure Basic Scope 3 Categories
  • Calculation of Material Impact Scope 3 Emissions

Using our modular solutions, we help businesses to:

  • establish a framework from which to identify your ambition and decision-making principles, which in turn inform the creation of goals, measures and strategies.
  • build a clear understanding of your brand positioning, to inform communications and ensure consistency of messaging both internally and externally.

  • consider operational changes already made/opportunities arising, categorising and assessing scale of/potential for impact.
  • build sustainability capability and knowledge to drive effective change.
  • where wider expertise is required, we call on our network of sustainability consultants, including for carbon measurement and reduction.
  • where necessary, we provide an additional subscription-based support service.

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